Toric IOL Marking and Alignment System

Toric IOL Marking and Alignment System

The Torix ™ single use Toric IOL Marking and Alignment System is an exciting surgical product to assist eye surgeons and their patients to achieve better outcomes from cataract surgery.

The System provides surgeons with a low cost, sterile pre-operative marker that facilitates faster workflow and an easy to use intraoperative axis guide for accurate alignment of the toric lens. It is an ergonomically designed disposable instrument which has received full Regulatory Approvals from the Australian TGA and it is also CE Mark Approved. It is in use by surgeons worldwide who have embraced it's efficacy and ease of use.

The System includes an Intra-Operative Axis Guide and a Pre-Operative Marker and Handle.  

The benefits of the Toric IOL Marking and Alignment System include:

  • Better high visibility corneal marks – vertical and horizontal (proprietary marker edge treatment) for improved accuracy
  • Easy to use and align
  • Cost effective – no need for expensive instruments
  • Immediately ready for every Toric IOL case
  • Less risk of contamination and cross infection
  • No cleaning or sterilising costs
  • Supplied 10 per box


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