The Ingeneus eyeCare Telehealth Platform includes eyeConnect an easy to use, telehealth eye assessment system developed for use by untrained medical staff.  eyeConnect collects information about a patients’ eye health and transmits that information to an eye specialist who may be a long distance away. It also includes the eyePressure by Ingeneus, for measuring intra ocular pressure, and the eyeTelecloud web browser for easy remote access, review and management of the patient information.

The eyeTelecloud web environment is a means for authorised personnel to access, view, assess and report on patient data from eyeConnect systems placed in the field.  Accessible from any web connected device the browser allows a range of functions to be performed, some of which are;

  • Secure access to the system for assessment of patient information packages and report generation by an authorised reviewing specialist
  • Secure access to the system for accessing the report from the reviewing specialist by the local medical staff at the patient site
  • Administration activities for connecting reviewing specialists to specific eyeConnect systems
  • Quality of Service activities by Ingeneus for software updates, system maintenance and data back-up
  • Access from any location providing maximum flexibility for the reviewing specialist – Clinic, Hospital, Home or even while travelling from a mobile phone or iPad
  • Data is fully encrypted for maximum security.

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