eyeLase 532

eyeLase 532

The eyeLase 532 is ideal for retinal photocoagulation and is designed for ease of use in the ophthalmologist’s office, for mobile use and in the OR.

The system offers the ophthalmologist ultimate flexibility and is highly adaptable with a Bluetooth remote control and a full range of delivery mechanisms.

The robust solid state technology offers a range of impressive benefits including minimum maintenance and low energy consumption. Key features of the eyeLase 532 include superior performance, flexible positioning with the Bluetooth remote control, compactness and safety.

Technical Features:

  • True continuous 532nm light
  • 50 – 1500mW Power
  • 50 – 500um continuously variable spot size
  • Bluetooth remote control with touchscreen adjustments
  • Parameter memory options
  • Excellent colour balance safety filter providing the clearest field of view


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