Developed in conjunction with the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, eyeConnect is an easy to use, ophthalmic diagnostic system for medical ancillary staff, nurses, GPs, pharmacy or primary healthcare staff. The operator uses it to collect a standard package of eye diagnostic information from a patient at any location and transmits it via the internet to a specialist at any site remote to the patient for diagnosis and/or screening. The specialist views the patient information in an easy to use browser (eyeCloud) and communicates patient instructions back to the remote site regarding the treatment of the eye either immediately (emergency patient) or via a report (screening patient).

eyeConnect is a complete telemedicine diagnostic platform capturing and transmitting a standard package of diagnostic information to a remote specialist including a Patient history, Acuity test  information, High resolution white light photographs and Corneal Fluorescein photographs. It is lightweight, portable and easy to set up.

eyeConnect is one of the only integrated ophthalmic diagnostic platforms for synchronous or asynchronous telemedicine. A number of products are available that perform individual parts of the diagnostic process but there are few products for primary healthcare practitioners that collect a comprehensive package of diagnostic data.

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You can find the demonstration video on YouTube.

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