The eyePressure device is a low cost, single patient use device that empowers the primary healthcare community and pharmacy staff with a tool to identify patients with high eye pressure.  It is a simple hand held device that is easily applied to the patients eye and provides a stop light system indication of pressure.  Green - normal (less than 21 mm Hg), Orange - needs further investigation and Red - high, urgent attention required.

Ocular hypertension or high eye pressure is a condition that primary health practitioners have difficulty detecting.  Patients typically go undetected or are found with the condition on referral to a specialist. 

Validated by the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, Australia it will be rolled to primary health networks.  The device will become a standard of care for primary health care workers and pharmacy staff to detect high eye pressure which is an indication of glaucoma.

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You can find the information video on YouTube.

You can find the demonstration video on YouTube.

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