The LiVac Liver Retractor System

The LiVac Liver Retractor System

The LiVac Retractor (LiVac) is a novel device used to suction the liver to the diaphragm during laparoscopic surgery, providing visibility to the surgical field and access to target underlying organ(s). The LiVac has been developed in two sizes and can be used for retraction of the left or right lobes of the liver during surgeries such as cholecystectomy, fundoplication, gastric banding, gastrectomy, gastroplasty and other procedures.

The LiVac Retractor System comprises a single-use soft silicone retractor, a rigid connector and an optional bevel. Once positioned within the patient, the LiVac tubing attaches to regulated suction to create a vacuum which gently lifts the liver, to adhere the liver and diaphragm. The LiVac tubing passes out alongside existing laparoscopic ports, so no extra incisions are required.

All other liver retraction methods involve pushing the under-surface of the liver upwards, towards the diaphragm and either require a separate incision or port, or are cumbersome to use.

LiVac's Inventor, established the company Livac Pty Ltd (Livac) and engaged an expert team to work with him on product development and commercialisation.

The team included Ingeneus who has worked side by side with Livac from early concept phase, through to end product configuration, documentation, quality management, supplier engagement, regulatory approvals and commercial manufacture. As the product transitioned from development to commercial manufacture, production and now commercial sales, Ingeneus' role has expanded to legal manufacturer.

Key benefits of the LiVac Retractor System include:

  • Gentle retractor that gently suctions the liver from above - minimising the risk of liver congestion and trauma
  • Suction tubing exits alongside existing ports, hence no additional incisions are required
  • Liver retraction is achieved in laparoscopic upper gastro intestinal surgeries without additional incisions and thereby minimising trauma to the patient
  • The device is suited to both multi-port and single port laparoscopic surgeries.

Contact or contact:

Dr Anabela Correia
CEO LiVac Pty Ltd
+61 (0) 412 003 606